LU Design/Build  was founded on the premise that


After over a decade in the remodeling industry, I’ve seen just how much homeowners are overwhelmed by the renovation process. From design concept through execution, there can be as many as five or more middlemen who each have their process. By the time your remodel is completed, you’re paying more for the end product and you have experienced more headaches than necessary. We’re challenging the status quo and minimizing the steps between great design and making it a reality. Our process begins with you working closely with a designer and a skilled construction manager to develop a plan that meets your needs and keeps your budget in mind. We will manage the project all the way through from design conception to project completion. Our process has streamlined home remodels and leaves the client much happier in the end.

 Our company consists of a group of amazing people that care about each other and enjoy working creatively and synergistically together. We like to remember that work, although very important, is not the most important thing in life. Family, friends and relationships are what really matter. We seek out clients, vendors and staff members who share these same values. We believe that the way we value people and relationships above all else is what makes our team stand out above the rest. Work is work, but it's the People that make the difference! We are passionate when it comes to working with great people. We believe working with the right people is crucial in our ongoing mission to serve our clients exceptionally well. We are proud of the great people that make up the LU Design/Build team and we are excited to show you what we can do!

“Working with Great People, produces Great Results.”