Gannon Small Addition & Powder Room

Gannon Small Addition & Powder Room

University City, MO

Jennifer Chapman

Karen Palmer Photography

Our client's 80 year old home has a ton of charm and character. Unfortunately, the powder room that separated the kitchen from the back living space made both rooms feel smaller and made it difficult to entertain. We needed to open up this space to allow for better flow and functionality. We started by moving the powder room into the existing footprint for the living space and then we increased the footprint of the living space itself. By moving the powder room, we not only opened up the floor plan, but it allowed for a ton more light to flood the back of the house. We didn't gain a ton of square footage with this addition as we did not want to sacrifice the patio in the back of the house. We needed just enough room to allow for more seating & for adding the powder room. We angled the powder room door in order to make the room feel more open and eliminate sharp corners that may make the back of the room feel like a tunnel. We reused the existing door and matched the original door knob to keep with the character in the home. We laced in new hardwood, where tile had been, to match the existing hardwood in the front rooms. This made the rooms feel more cohesive and much larger. Our client can now enjoy a much brighter more open space to enjoy entertaining friends or curling up with a good book.