Project Support Manager

Applicants must have

  • Positive attitude

  • Data entry experience

  • Well versed in Google Drive, Google sheets and Google docs (excel)

  • Ability to move fast online & be able to navigate internet sites and conduct searches/research quickly

  • Great communication skills and organizational skills



  • Phones: screening voicemail & returning calls

  • Follow up phone calls, subs, clients, misc.

  • Setting up employee performance reviews

  • Reviewing Employee Time off requests

  • Email organization & screening

  • Setting up business meetings & appointments 

  • Enter emails into MailChimp (from collected business cards)


  • Soliciting Comparable Market Analysis reports from realtors.

  • Searching and analyzing properties for viability as acquisition prospects.

  • Managing tenants and rental properties (eventually).


  • Setting up sub walk through appointments.

  • Tracking sub quotes received and needed.

  • Requesting plan revisions from designers and following up

  • Copying/Printing plans and quotes for estimating and preparing hard copy files.

  • Soliciting quotes from subcontractors, following up and filing quotes. 

  • Locating new vendors to do projects.

  • Entering sub quotes, linking them in estimating worksheet.

  • Cutting & pasting sub scopes into the estimating worksheet.

  • Proofreading contracts.

  • Assembling subcontractor snapshot google sheets.

  • Attaching sub quotes to LUDB contracts.

  • Printing paperwork & contracts.

  • Assembling sales folders.


  • Copying architectural plans and posting at job sites.

  • Applying for and Obtaining project Permits.

  • Posting permits at job sites.

  • Ordering project materials and coordinating deliveries.

  • Shipping and receiving packages.

  • Lead testing, filling out & filing this paperwork.

  • Communicating with clients on material deliveries via Basecamp.

  • Communicating w/ vendors & subs via phone, email & Basecamp.

  • Verifying sub invoices for AP.

  • Following up with subcontractors on job sites for scheduled starts, progress and completion.

  • Ordering lifts, dumpsters, and port-a-potties for job sites.

  • Work crew support.

  • Occasionally meet w/ inspectors on project sites.

  • Sourcing a laborers for clean ups. 

  • Scheduling laborers to clean up sites.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $37,000 - $58,000

Applicants can email

Apprentice Carpenter

Skills and Job Responsibilities

  • Demo walls, flooring, trims, cabinets, other misc items.

  • Frame basic walls/structures

  • Install drywall

  • Install flooring, basic tile/grout, doors, windows, cabinets and other trims.

  • Paint walls, ceilings, doors, windows and trims.

  • Install basic cabinets/vanities

  • Install baseboard trims or simple crown

  • Measure, cut, rip, sand, paint, stain, caulk, finish, nail, drill, screw, and install all types of wood or composite materials on basic to moderate construction installations/fabrications.

  • Assist with and observe carpenters to learn how to start, check, and finish carpentry projects.

  • Manages laborers as needed

  • Follow instructions clearly from supervisor

Other requirements

  • Reliable transportation

  • Basic hand tools (personal power tools a plus)

  • Reliable phone with ability to use GPS and download apps

Key attributes we look for:

Leadership skills

Positive attitude

Solution oriented mindset

Team Players


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 to $18.00 /hour

Applicants can email